Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Simple Phrase

Our Bishop in Church spoke for about 5 minutes and included these words that really left an impression on me.

Be gentle with your children and free with your forgiveness.

I have a child that challenges me on both. I must be more sensitive.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Our Last Hurrah

Well, to cap off the nearly year long adventure we surprised the kids by meeting up with their cousins for an 11 day Mediterranean Disney Cruise. Cruises aren't my first choice for vacationing but for kids this would be hard to beat. They love the freedom to roam the ship. Cruises for me are too confining, too much food, and not enough time at each port. However, I realize there are enough positives that this won't be my last.
There are some FANATICAL Disney folks on this ship and I don't mean those under three feet. Come on, you know them. In fact you might be one. Their future always includes the next Disney destination. I just don't understand it but I guess I don't need to. I guess I also didn't understand all they hype about Joey Fatone and Kim Johnson being on board. It doesn't help that I was too old for the whole N'Sync thing and out of the country for the whole "Dancing with the Stars" thing.
It had me thinking...who would I really be star-struck by? I like to think I wouldn't be fazed but I don't know...I'm still thinking.