Saturday, August 26, 2006

Saturday, August 25th

YEAH! We are settled. I will include some photos of our house on the website. Everyone has picked out their bedrooms and already put up posters. There aren't a lot of children around but the boys did meet the kid next door, he is eight.
An interesting story yesterday. The postman came by (keep in mind that this house has been here for 14 years) and was trying to figure out the name of our street. He asked if we were spelling the street name as one word or two. When I told him, I had only just moved in but was spelling it as one, he informed me that as soon as he could find two more people on the street to agree to that it would stand. Huh? I think the real problem was the 10 boxes Charlie sent me had a about 4 spelling variations of my address. :) However traveling around Dublin it doesn't take long to figure out they don't really like to put up street signs anywhere.
We take our first trip in about a week and the kids are taking crash courses in the French Revolution, art, architecture and World War II. If you have been to Paris and have some advice to share, email or post it on the guest book page. I will be uploading some photos this weekend.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

In Ireland at last

Saturday, August 19, 2006 Wow, finally an update after almost three weeks! We flew from Salt Lake to JFK on August 1st and decided to spend the night to break the trip up a little. Of course, we couldn’t have known it would be 107 degrees in NYC and our hotel’s air conditioner was out. So we were so glad to be in Ireland’s mild 60 degree weather. The flights over were uneventful and the children did great. Our flight from SLC to NYC was about 4 hours and from NYC to Dublin about 6 hours.

It has taken us a little longer than anticipated to find housing. We were staying in a hotel about an hour from the city and it was taking it’s toll (literally and figuratively as it was about 4 euro each time we went in or out) So after a little over a week, and we could see that we wouldn’t be moving into our house anytime soon, we relocated to a hotel in the town we will be renting. Our plan is to move in Tuesday or Wednesday. It is a suburb of Dublin called Castleknock. So despite the cramped space and limited things to do the kids have been fantastic. Well how could they complain they have watched more television and played more on the computer than we would ever allowed at home.

There are enough familiar things (i.e. McDonald’s) that I think the kids are adjusting well. And just enough differences to make it an adventure. Including driving on the left hand side of the road. Which I have only attempted twice for about a mile each time. I am pretty sure at this point we will only need one vehicle as I will be relying heavily on mass transit. And it isn’t so much the left side that is the problem but the congested roundabouts and the VERY narrow roads.

The food hasn’t been a huge transition as Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Burger King and TGIFriday’s pretty much taste the same wherever you are. I cannot wait for a home cooked meal and it will be a long time before we eat out again. I will tell you they rely HEAVILY on mayonnaise. You will find it everywhere. And in the strangest places, such as, on their nachos. Some things I just stay clear of even though they are creatively named: black pudding. I’m sure it might be good, no I’m not sure. But it is part of the traditional Irish breakfast.

Well I am sure I am forgetting many things but here is a start. Our first trip is planned for Paris and Normandy the first part of September and we are looking forward to that as well as school starting. For us it is September 12 J I will write again as soon as we are settled in our house. I look forward to hearing from many of you!